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Safrroys Machines Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1976, duly registered with the Government of West Bengal, India, to manufacture precision machinery and machine components. Encouraged by a few early successes, the team of Safrroys took up the challenge to design and develop an automatic hard gelatin capsule machine in 1979. It took 4 years for the prototype to be perfected. The first turnkey project was completed in 1985 with one capsule manufacturing machine. The success of this machine resulted in a second capsule making machine being commissioned by 1987. Very soon, the quality of the product had been established. From 1989 Safrroys started to specialize in the manufacture of hard gelatin capsule manufacturing machines. In order to meet the rising demand production capabilities had to be scaled up and at present Safrroys has the capability to manufacture up to 10 machines in a year. More than 55 machines have been manufactured till date and are running in several countries all over the world including South Africa, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Indonesia, Russia and India. Spares and accessories are being exported to even more countries like South Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Pakistan etc. besides original customers. In order to cater to the demand, Safrroys Machines Private Ltd., has moved into a modern state of the art production facility with 20000 sq ft floor area. Sophisticated equipments installed include CNC machining centers, NC Boring machines, Milling machines etc. Safrroys takes pride in manufacturing maximum components in-house in order to maintain control over the final quality of the product. Continuous innovations and improvements in the quality of its capsule manufacturing machines and Vegetarian-HPMC-Capsule-Technology equipments is what has made Safrroys the leaders in its field. In the year 1991, the prestigious Export Excellence Award of The Engineering Export Promotion Council was awarded by the then Honorable Commerce Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid. Today Safrroys Machines Pvt Ltd is specialized in producing Hard Capsule Machines & allied equipments only.


A modern state of the art production facility with nearly 40000 sq ft floor area allowing assembly of upto 6 machines at a time. Our second equally equipped but smaller facility enables assembly of additional 2 machines Latest vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers, NC boring machines, milling machines, surface grinders etc ensure in-house component manufacture to the close tolerances required Combined with in-house hardness testing and total inspection enabling an error free high quality machine Highly skilled and motivated work force consisting of engineers, operators and technicians, designers, managers etc., most of whom have been with the company for over a decade.


  • ------1975- 1984
1976 – registered with the Government of West Bengal, to manufacture precision machinery and machine components
1979 - designed and developed an Automatic Capsule Machine in 1979. Within 4 years the prototype was ready

  • ------1985-1994
1985 – first turn key project starts
1987 – full scale production of HCMs
1990 – Export of machines begins to several countries like Bangladesh, South Africa, etc.
- In-house component manufacturing established with machining capability using German boring and milling machines to ensure component quality

  • ------1995-2004
1991 - Export Excellence Award of Engineering Export Promotion Council (a Govt of India undertaking) awarded by the then Hon'ble Commerce Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid
- Spares and accessories exported to South Korea, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Canada and the USA
- Support to capsule makers using Cherryburrell machines for spares and technology enhancement
- Sophisticated equipments installed including a CNC Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers

  • ------2005-2014
- Moves into a modern state of the art production facility with nearly 40000 sq ft floor area.
- Adds more CNC machines and high tech inspection equipment from USA and Japan
- Amongst the first to incorporate servo motors, Remote Diagnosis for Trouble Shooting etc
- Introduces 7 bar dip machines with capacity of about 2 million capsules per day
- Sales of machines and components expands to several other countries like Pakistan, Ukraine, China etc

  • ------2015-Present

- Completes acquisition of R&J Engineering (Canada) and starts works on a machine combining the best of R&J and Safrroys technology
- Capsules produced on Safrroys machines operate with less than 1% rejection on Vision Inspection machines and on very high speed capsule filling machines
- Launches 9 bar dip machines with production capacity of 3 million capsules per day
- Launches 12 bar dip machines with production capacity of 4 million capsules per day, making it the most advanced machine available in the capsule market